Road transport and roads

Length of roads: 5241 km.

Zhambyl region is connected with Almaty, Karaganda, South Kazakhstan regions by roads of Republican significance "Almaty-Tashkent-Termez", "Merke-Shu-Burylbaital". In addition, the region is connected to the Kyrgyz Republic through the highway "Taraz-Utmek-border of Kyrgyzstan", "Western entrance to the border of Kyrgyzstan" and "Eastern entrance to the border of Kyrgyzstan". The most used roads are "Almaty-Tashkent-Termez", "Merke-Shu-Burylbaital".

Too " bus Station Taraz»
map-icon Taraz, 080000, Zhambyl Avenue, 1
phone-icon +7 (7262) 52-31-05

Railway transport

Length of roads: 1236.3 km.

The transit potential of Railways is characterized by the presence of railway lines of international transport corridors passing through the territory of the region, with a major transport hub in the city of Shu, connecting the South and South-East of Kazakhstan with the Central and North-Eastern part of the Republic, with neighboring States.
The service section of the Zhambyl branch of the road is located within the boundaries of the stations: Mointy (ExC.)- Shu-Otar (ExC.), Shu-Zhambyl-Tulkubas (ExC.), Zhambyl-Zhanatas (incl.). It borders with Karaganda, Almaty and Shymkent branches, as well as with the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. The Mointy - Tulkubas and Shu - Otar sections are equipped with electric traction, the Zhambyl-Zhanatas section is equipped with Autonomous (diesel) traction.

Railway station "Taraz»
map-icon 7a, Privokzalnaya str., Taraz
phone-icon 105

Air transport

Today flights Taraz-Astana-Taraz, Taraz-Moscow-Taraz, Khujant-Taraz-Khujant, Surgut-Taraz-Surgut, Nizhnevartovsk-Taraz-Nizhnevartovsk, Tyumen-Taraz-Tyumen are established.

JSC " Aulie-ATA international Airport»
map-icon Taraz, Airport b/n str.
phone-icon +7 726 254 26 00

Energy infrastructure and heat supply

Zhambyl GRES is the basis of the energy base of the South of Kazakhstan. This is the first block-type power plant in the Republic, one of the most powerful in the region. To date, JSC "Zhambyl GRES" operates in 3 block, gas and oil mode with a load of 450 MW. At the same time, the consumption of natural gas is 28 thousand m3 per hour, fuel oil-102 tons per hour.

Clean energy is gradually taking root in the southern region. In South Kazakhstan region, for example, entrepreneurs are going to produce solar panels, use the potential of biogas plants. The state encourages investment in hydroelectric power plants and solar technology.

Tariffs for industrial and communal services

Name of the service



for individuals: per 1 kW / hour - 12.39 tenge

for legal entities: for 1 kW / hour - 18.48 tenge

Thermal energy

for individuals: 1 Gcal - 1 681, 21 tenge


for individuals: for 1 m3 - 35.0 tenge

for legal entities: for 1 m3 - 25.5 tenge

Water disposal

for individuals with PU: for 1 m3 - 40.51 tenge

for individuals without PU: for 1 m3 - 97.61 tenge

for legal entities: for 1 m3 - 123.50 tenge

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