Information about the region

Zhambyl region is located in the South of the Republic of Kazakhstan (formed in 1939) and occupies the basins of the Shu, Talas rivers, is bounded on the West by the Karatau mountain range, on the South by the Kyrgyz range, on the East by the Shu-Ili mountains. The North of the region is adjacent to the desert areas of Betpakdala. The length of the region from West to East up to 500 km, from South to North up to 400 km, the area of 144.3 thousand km2, which is 5.3% of the territory of the Republic.

Moyinkum, Shu, Kordai border areas of the region with the Almaty oblast, Moyinkum, Sarysu districts in Karaganda region, Zhambyl, Talas and Sarysu districts with Turkestanskii area.

The Shu region of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan is bordered by the Shu, Kordai, Merken districts and the district.T. Ryskulova, and the Talas region of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan is bordered by Zhambyl and Talas districts of Zhambyl region.

Zhambyl region is a unique base of phosphorite and fluorspar raw materials. The region is rich in non-ferrous metals, barite, coal, facing, ornamental and technical stones, construction materials.

The flora and fauna of the area is extensive and diverse. The flora of the region has more than 3 thousand species. The total area of hunting grounds is 13.9 thousand hectares, they are home to more than 40 species of animals.

The fishery Fund, which covers an area of 27.8 thousand hectares, consists of 81 reservoirs, of which 59 reservoirs are suitable for fishing activities. Of the big reservoirs stand out Tasotkel and TERS-Ashibulak. The predominant commercial species of fish are silver carp, Amur carp, carp, pike perch, bream, crab, roach.

The administrative-territorial structure of the region includes 10 districts and 1 city of regional subordination:

  • Baizak district, village Sarykemer;
  • Zhambyl district, village Asa;
  • Zhualy district-village Bauyrzhan Momyshuly;
  • Korday district-Korday village;
  • Merke region — the village of Merke;
  • Moyynkum district-moyynkum village;
  • T. Ryskulov district-Kulan village;
  • Sarysu district is the city of Zhanatas;
  • District of Talas — Karatau city;
  • Shu district — the village of Tole Bi;
  • Taraz city.


144,264 sq km.

Regional center

Taraz, the major cities – Shu.

Neighboring regions and countries:

in the North — Karaganda, in the East-Almaty, in the South — Kyrgyzstan, in the West — Turkestan.

Climatic conditions

Sharply continental, arid temperate zone. Cold long winter, hot short summer.
Average January temperature: -11°C in the plains, -5°C in the foothills.
Average July temperature: +24°C in the plains, +22°C in the foothills.
Average annual precipitation: 120-450 mm (from North to South).
Average annual relative humidity: 45-50%.

Key socio-economic indicators


(February 1, 2020, thousand people)



(February 2020, to December 2019, %)


Unemployment rate

(IV quarter of 2019., %)



(for January-September 2019, billion tenge)


Average monthly wage

(IV quarter of 2019., tenge)

139 977


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