Socio-entrepreneurial Corporation

The mission of «NC «SEBC «Taraz» JSC is to promote economic development of Zhambyl region by consolidating of public and private resources, support and stimulation of social development of the region, performance the role of the regional government economic policy conductor.

Vision of «NC» SEBC «Taraz» JSC – In 2022 the company will become the regional institute of development which will effectively manage its assets, stimulate economic activity in the points of growth of the region, including attraction of investments and acting as a catalyst of formation of competitive stability production.

The first (I) strategic direction: Creation of conditions for stimulation of economic activity in the growth points.

The second (II) strategic direction: Attraction of investors and creation of new productions in the points of growth of the region.

The third (III) strategic direction: Increase in value of assets, improvement of the corporate governance and realization of State programs.

Address: Taraz city, K. Koigeldy street, 173
Phone: 8 (72 62) 54 61 77,

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