GRP of Zhambyl region in 2018 amounted to 972 billion tenge (share of GRP of the region in the gross product of Kazakhstan amounted to 2.4%). Among the regions of Kazakhstan in terms of GRP Zhambyl region is on the 16th place.
In the structure of GRP of Zhambyl region, services account for 72.1% or 701 billion tenge, goods – 27.9% or 271.3 billion tenge. At the same time, GRP for goods accounted for the largest volume of industrial production – 64% or 173 billion tenge, the share of agricultural products amounted to 36% or 97 billion tenge.

The gross output of agricultural products in 2018 amounted to 97 billion tenge or 106.1% to the level of 2017. 

Plant growing
In 2018, the region's crops were placed on the area of 662 155.55 hectares, including fodder-214.6 thousand hectares, cereals-300.6 thousand hectares, wheat-119.1 thousand hectares, oilseeds-91.5 thousand hectares, vegetables-32.6 thousand hectares, melons-11.5 thousand hectares, potatoes-9.7 thousand hectares, corn-18.1 thousand hectares.

The gross harvest of grain (including wheat) amounted to 10.2 million quintals with an average yield of 47.7 quintals per hectare, vegetables – 8.4 million quintals with a yield of 274.1 quintals per hectare, melons – 3 million quintals with a yield of 261.6 quintals per hectare, potatoes – 2.2 million quintals with a yield of 228 quintals per hectare, oilseeds – 659 thousand quintals with a yield of 7.6 quintals per hectare, corn 1 million quintals with a yield of 116.7 quintals per hectare.

At the end of 2018 in the region there are 2.6 thousand heads of sheep and goats, 1.3 thousand heads of poultry, 361 thousand heads of cattle, 113.2 thousand heads of horses.

In 2018, industrial enterprises of Zhambyl region produced industrial products for 173 billion tenge, the volume index was 100.2%. 

Growth trends are observed in the mining industry and quarrying by 8% (24 billion tenge), manufacturing – by 2.5% (127.8 billion tenge).

73.6% of the industrial production of the region falls on the manufacturing industry. The share of mining industry was 13.8%, electricity supply – 11.5% and water supply – 0.9%. 

In the mining industry, natural gas production increased by 9.7%, gas condensate – by 11.9%, phosphate crushed raw materials – by 43.6%, phosphate fine grinding raw materials – by 48.8%, natural Sands – by 28.4%, crushed stone and crushed stone – by 1.7%.

The volume of production of food industry amounted to 54 563 million tenge, which is 14.6% more than in 2017. 

Chemical industry products were produced in the amount of 121 790.4 million tenge.

Production of metallurgical industry increased by 7.5% and amounted to 42 676.2 million tenge. 

Production of non-metallic mineral products increased by 5.8% and amounted to 34 698.9 million tenge.

In January-December 2018, the products of the engineering industry in the amount of 9 355.9 million tenge were produced. 

Production of oil refining products increased by 9.9%, amounting to 7 126.7 million tenge. 

Light industry products were produced in the amount of 3 460.1 million tenge.


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