Success story

Success story
LLP "Factory posh-Taraz»

LLP "Factory posh-Taraz" Dzhambul factory of primary processing of wool was built in 1961 on the street.In 1992 Dzhambul factory of posh was reorganized into open joint stock company "Tulpar".In 2001 the production cooperative "Factory posh"was formed. In may 2008, there was a reorganization of PC "Factory posh" by joining LLP "Factory posh-Taraz".

The factory has a big area of 16 hectares, a huge industrial premises, Autonomous energy sources, boiler room, power substation, pump station with an artesian well, utilities, railway sidings, and also preserved the old staff – professionals who have worked for more than 25.

The main task of "Factory posh-Taraz" LLP is to work profitably all year round, it requires raw materials in the amount of 10 thousand tons of unwashed fine wool. In addition to the primary processing factory produces further processing of washed wool. The opening of a new production-tops, allows you to get from Merino wool combed tape, in the future it is planned to open shops for the production of yarn, fabric, knitwear.

The company implemented the project within the program of forced industrialization and innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan - the launch of the tops production line.

The opened production of tops gives a guarantee and stability to our production and agricultural producers for the sale of their wool, which will give a new impetus to the development of textile production in Kazakhstan.

The company is working to expand the top production of which, according to the contract signed on March 24, 2011 with the Italian company " Global International service s.R.l. " additional equipment was purchased (table 2) for the production of tops, which will increase the production capacity from 800 tons/year to 1500 tons/year.

In addition to expanding the production of tops, the company plans to launch a new workshop for the production of worsted yarn, in connection with which an agreement was signed to establish a joint venture with the Italian company SERVIM SRL. The shares of the parties to the agreement in the authorized capital of the joint venture are distributed equally 50% to 50%.

The preliminary cost of the project is 4 million euros, the capacity of the project is 1000 tons of worsted pure wool yarn per year.

The opening of a new yarn production workshop will create an additional 100 jobs.

The staff of the factory posh hopes to establish the processing of wool with the final production cycle: the production of yarn, fabric and products from them, which will make it possible to rationally use raw materials, to provide the market with products of domestic production. All this gives the team confidence in the stability of the factory in the future.

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