Success story

Success story
"Zhambylskaya Cement Production Company" LLP

"Zhambyl regoin Cement Production Company" LLP (ZHCPC) - this is a first-ever joint Kazakh-French cement factory. This is one of the most advanced production plants in Kazakhstan with technological development, with a priority focus on the State Program for Forced Industrial-Innovative Development for 2010-2014. Entering into economically significant facilities, the construction of the plant was set up by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as by the Heads of State Nursultan Nazarbaev. The production capacity of the plant amounts to 1.2 million tons of cement in the year, allowing to promote the evolving needs of the Kazakh market. The cement plant is located in the Moiynkum district of Zhambyl region. There are.

The plant is equipped with a dedicated railroad terminal, accessible to KTZ, and can provide the most impressive parts of the service without the need for intermediaries and breaks. The production of cement is a requirement of Kazakhstan and European standards. The Private Railway Park allows fast and easy solution to the problem of shipping cement to the whole of Kazakhstan. Throwing is done in rosingweight, in stools and in big-beak. The plant is equipped with the latest equipment and modern technologies in the production of succulents in Kazakhstan. The plant is located in the suburbs of Almaty-Astana and the railroad line. Otherwise, the network will give you the opportunity to promptly ask and discuss the question.

Our products are actively used and used in environment protection technology, which makes it possible to respond to the high standards. The company implements a business-friendly lab. The control cement is carried out periodically in several hours. The certified specialists examine every part of the cement and control their own standards and standards. The chemical analysis of chemical compositions in the laboratory is carried out to determine the physical properties of the physical and mechanical properties according to GOST 10178-85. The product enterprise came up with obligee state certification. It has been confirmed that the full compliance with the production standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the production of which is entirely in Kazakh origin. The nomenclature of this product is represented by Portland cement 400 D20 and Portland cement 500 D0. The brand of universal cement PC 400 D20 differs greatly with its plasticity and plasticity, and it also carries morozo- and vogosostoychivy properties. The PC 400 is designed for readability, concrete cement can be loaded up to 400 kg / cm2; D20 indicates that cement additives and plastics make up more than 20% of the total. The marks of the cement 500 PC are characterized by high degree of durability, durability, high temperatures, high temperatures, resistance to water and corrosion. The PC 500 is designed for readability, the concrete cement can be loaded up to 500 kg / cm2; D0 indicates that there is no additive in the cement. It is the most popular brand cement in the construction.

The plant fully regulates the state norms and requirements on ecological safety. The production is based on modernized electrostatic dust extractors with integrated four-step controller for the removal of inverted discharges. Usage of the product in the production plant, as well as additional optional convergence allowing to minimize the number of vredbos falls.

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